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Living in a great neighborhood makes one family greatful that they in Katy

While building our new home in Katy, we frequently visited the building site to watch the progress of our home.  It seemed as if every time we came to the home, neighbors greeted us and extended a warm welcome to the neighborhood.  Being new to a city is sometimes difficult and I have been grateful for the friendly folk of Katy, Texas.  Neighborly neighbors really make one feel at home. 

Since settling into our home, I have learned from the examples of many great neighbors.  I believe that being a good neighbor truly makes you a better person.  Looking out for the needs of others takes the focus from self and helps us to learn and grow.  Let me share some of the kind acts performed by my fabulous neighbors.

Upon moving into our new home, several neighbors stopped by to exchange phone numbers with us.  They introduced themselves and let me know that they were friends that I could turn to if a need arose.  It was a great comfort knowing that if I found myself in a bind, I had some kind and willing neighbors who could step in and help.

I have some neighbors who love to celebrate holidays and they willingly open their homes to the other families in the neighborhood.  Attending these neighborhood festivities has strengthened friendships and has allowed us to really get to know each other. 

Discussions at the bus stop have at times been the highlight of my day.  I had to laugh when, on one particular morning at the bus stop, my neighbor asked where I was going.   I realized that she had never seen me in clothes other than my pajamas.  I told her that I do get dressed each day, she just never saw me that way!  On occasion, when a mother or father has to leave early in the morning, neighbors are willing to step in to make sure the children make it safely to the bus stop.

Random acts of kindness are abundant in a good neighborhood.  At times, a neighbor will drop off a batch of cookies, or will leave an anonymous surprise.  My children get very excited and try to guess who the secret giver could be.  Then, they want to make a treat for those who have been kind to us.  When a neighbor has a baby or needs surgery, other neighbors plan to bring in meals and assist with child care.  Last week, one neighbor gave my boys a big tub of balls.  Their children have grown and they thought my boys would enjoy them, which they will!

Sometimes a simple wave or smile from a kind neighbor will cheer my day.  It is great to have met so many kind people on my street, and it has made me want to be a better neighbor.  How has a Katy neighbor touched your life?  Please share a comment below.

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