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The Goddard School located in Katy believes in the power of play for learning, as well as the importance of providing a healthy, active lifestyle for all children. In an effort to spread the word to families in their community, the educational preschool will sponsor The Goddard School Block Party event from Monday, September 19 through Saturday, September 24. 

The event will engage children and their families in a variety of exciting fitness, nutrition and playful learning activities based on the core curriculum and enrichment programs that are an integral part of the FLEX Learning Program offered at The Goddard School.

To gear up for the big celebration, Asli Remlinger, owner of The Goddard School located in Katy, offers five tips for parents to help their children develop healthy eating habits:

  1. Offer encouragement – Encourage your child to eat a variety of foods to help them get the nutrients they need from each food group.  By doing so, they are more likely to enjoy trying new foods!
  2. Be a good role model – It’s no surprise that children are likely to mimic their parents’ food choices.  If your children see you enjoying fruits, vegetables and whole grains, they will more likely enjoy them as well.
  3. Stock up on healthy choices – Make sure that your cupboards and refrigerator are filled with healthy options rather than prepackaged foods filled with sugar and sodium. Read food labels before purchasing so you know exactly what’s in the foods you are buying—just because it’s made with whole grains doesn’t necessarily mean it’s healthy.
  4. Serve balanced portions – The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has turned the Food Pyramid into a plate. The USDA’s MyPlate illustrates balanced portion sizes for the five foods groups—Fruits, Vegetables, Grains, Protein and Dairy—in a familiar way by using a standard mealtime place setting.
  5. Follow a schedule – Set a daily schedule for meals and snacks (3 meals & 1-2 snacks per day is recommended), with plenty of time between each. This will help children learn the importance of structured eating and help them to stay feeling full throughout the day.

“Nutrition and exercise are important to all children’s overall health,” says Sue Adair, director of education at Goddard Systems, Inc. “That’s why the children attending The Goddard School enjoy various physical fitness programs as part of their teacher-planned, child-directed learning activities each day. We also work closely with our families to help guide good nutritional choices as an integral part of our home-school relationship.”

To learn more about The Goddard School Block Party and The Goddard School located in Katy, parents are encouraged to drop in for a tour or call Asli Remlinger directly to arrange a personal appointment at 281-392-1912 or visit online at www.goddardschool.com/blockparty.

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