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A little change goes a long way for one Katy mom

Since my hair is naturally curly, I have found that it is easiest to let my hair do it’s own thing. After showering, I simply work some gel through my hair and, voila, I’m ready to go!

A friend whom I have known since college said to me one day, “My husband and I were remarking that you look the same as you did in college. Even your hair is the same!” At first I thought her remark was a compliment implying that I hadn’t aged, but then, I wondered. How many people who haven’t changed their hairstyle in fifteen years look all that good?

As I ran over the conversation in my head the next day, and thought about the probable implications of her words, I was determined to find a new look. Upon finding a Salon of some repute, I scheduled an appointment for that very day. When I arrived at the Salon, I told the hair-stylist I needed a completely new look. After an hour of sitting in the salon chair, I peered at my reflection in the mirror. The hair-stylist had added some layers and had completely straightened my hair. I liked it! I didn’t know whether I had the time or energy to spend the same amount of time straightening my own hair, but, for today, I felt hot!

When my two youngest boys arrived home from school, they immediately looked quizzically at me. “You look different mom!” they quipped simultaneously.

“Mom, you look like a rock star!” said Bryan, my seven-year old.
“Oh really, Bryan?” I asked. “So, what do I look like with curly hair?”

In a completely flat tone of voice, Bryan responded, “You look like you are going to McDonalds.” I determined right then and there that it was worth whatever time it took to straighten my hair! I definitely didn’t want to look like I was going to McDonalds every day!  Oh, the honesty of children!

What funny things have your children said to you?  Please share a comment. 
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