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Making the perfect selection of fruit for your Katy family

I was shopping in one of my local grocery store and saw so many fresh fruit out ready to be bought. As I walked by several of them they smelled so sweet that tempted me to grab one and put it close to my nose and enjoyed that wonderful smell of fresh fruit. I saw mango’s, oranges, strawberries, grapes, apples and cantaloupes. Upon selecting the fruit I would put it close to my nose and see if it had that sweet smell. I would also check the tenderness and color of the fruit. I always wonder if the fruit would be sweeter if I would go to a farmers market instead of the grocery store.

I know that Katy has several days with a farmers market that comes out and sells fresh fruit. Is this fruit sweeter? Is it fresher than the ones we get at our grocer? Should we make our own fresh fruit garden in our backyard? Is it difficult to take care of a fruit tree? I think I took longer in the fruit aisle than expected because I was enjoying seeing and smelling the fruit in the store. There were so many to choose from that I filled my cart with different choices of fruit for my children to enjoy.

My youngest son loves fruit and is always looking in the fridge for different kinds of fruit. He even wishes that we had our own of fresh fruit trees in our backyard. I do see many fruit tress in surrounding neighborhoods and see that soon they will have fresh fruit of there own.
How do you shop for your fruit? Have you encountered having fun yourself by selecting the perfect fruit for your family? I have also been thinking of having neighborhood fruit parties by gathering together and enjoying different varieties of fruits. What better way to meet and greet your friendly neighborhood friends. Please share your comments and ideas with me below.
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