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The popular Texas gas station chain will offer free car washes to celebrate being recognized by Guinness of World Records.



November 14, 2017

Ashley Lancaster 


On Thursday, November 16, 2017 at 10 a.m., the global authority on record breaking, Guinness World Records, will be in Houston to recognize Buc-ee’s 255-foot-long car wash in Katy,which is just shorter than a football field. The car wash is part of thenew Buc-ee’s 56,000-square-foot store that opened in September at Katy Freeway and Cane Island Parkway.

In addition to its length, the Buc-ee’s car wash in Katy has a state-of-the art vacuum station and 21 blowers. Cars are actually dry upon exiting the car wash tunnel – eliminating irritating water streak marks that occur after some car washes.

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