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Katy, TX News (March 14, 2017) – Hill Adams, long time Katy resident and former City Council member, has declared his candidacy for Mayor of the City of Katy.

Hill and his wife Carol have lived in Katy for 25 years and from the beginning they have been very active in our community through schools, church, local charities and public service. Best known for their work with the Katy Heritage Society; Carol is best known for working with then-Mayor Doyle Callender to create Katy Heritage Park and Railroad Park. The Adams’ have been married for 37 years and have two children; Anne and Robert. Strongly rooted in protecting Katy’s past, Hill Adams is also committed to Katy’s future.

Hill Adams

“I’m running for Mayor now because I love Katy. Four years ago we elected a new Mayor and our direction shifted. I was open to see how that would work out. Our friends and others I visit with share concerns about such aggressive growth and our rapidly escalating budget. The things the mayor told us we could count on are not happening so I decided to file.”

Mayor Hughes withdrawal from the race the following day was unexpected. “This campaign still means a lot to me, I think we need a slight shift in priorities at City Hall.” said Adams, “I’m a strong advocate for economic development, but the city has almost doubled in size, we’ve annexed land that will add 2,500 more houses. This rapid growth requires our government to get so much bigger; it includes a huge demand for city resources and permanently alters the lifestyle of the citizens who live here.”

Adams has a background in real estate investment and has worked as an Independent Insurance Agent, owning his own successful commercial broker business for over 35 years. He believes his business background, six years on City Council, experience with state legislative negotiations and great relationships with many other elected officials are assets when working with local government.

“I’m focusing my campaign on careful growth, ensuring what we bring into the city limits is good for the citizens and businesses that are already here. Public safety is also a priority; we have needed and have been expecting a second fire station for four years. Now we may need a third station to serve some of the new homes we’ve annexed, and we haven’t even started the second one. The City of Katy is so fortunate to have a legacy of city administrations that worked hard to build a sound fiscal foundation. The tax revenue we generate could allow a true reduction in the taxes citizens pay, not just the tax rates. I’d like to see the aggressive attitude shift from annexation to addressing issues that impact the lives of our citizens; improved drainage, traffic,parks, and finding ways to hold on to what is left of the ‘small town’ atmosphere so many of us came here for. I’m all for the city growing and am happy with commercial growth that will support the city. Some of the land we’ve annexed makes sense from a business standpoint, but annexing land just to get bigger is wasteful. How big our footprint is, is less important than what is in it.”

Adams is enthusiastic about public service and finds the experience rewarding, “I enjoyed my six years on City Council. I know we can address the issues before us. I want to work with City Council, administration, staff and our citizens to do more. I think it’s time to bring thoughtful, conservative leadership back to Katy, and I am asking for our citizens to vote for me so we can make that happen.”

To learn more about Hill Adams’ campaign and Katy’s issues and opportunities visit his website, www.hilladams.com and find him on facebook @HillAdamsforKatyMayor.

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