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Father/son bonding doesn’t go exactly as planned

It was a 6 p.m. game at Rhodes Stadium. My husband was truly excited about taking our four-year-old son to one of his first football games. Our son was excited too. The two of them teased me about all the junk food they would eat while I stayed home with the babies. As they left, I heard my husband talking about what they would see.

Forty minutes later, they were on their way home already. It seems that our son just didn’t seem interested in learning about the game. They didn’t even eat anything while there. He just wanted to walk up the steps and watch some of the plays.

Needless to say, my husband was disappointed.

This sometimes happens with our kids. We parents are so eager to share our likes and our interests with our children and when they don’t seem to reciprocate, we feel frustrated. Because this happened to my husband and not to me, I feel like I can look at it a little more objectively.

  1. Our son spent time with his dad. This is important no matter where my husband took him. Grocery shopping, out fishing, to the bookstore…it was quality time for the two of them.
  2. Our son had fun on his own level. He took in a four-year-old’s interpretation of a game. He saw the crowd, he heard the music. That was enough for him. When I ask him about that night now, he remembers things that were key for him.
  3. Our oldest feels like a “big boy” which is important for him as he learns to deal with three toddlers. They don’t get to go to football games yet. He sees that he is allowed to do special things which we hope makes him feel special.
  4. Even though I did worry about the food they may have eaten, doing something different and making it a special treat is so important for kids – and us! I love my Starbucks treat or a night out with my husband. It’s different, it’s special, it’s important.

While my husband was disappointed, we know that our son will remember these seemingly insignificant times with us. They are shaping his memories and ours.

What little things do you like to share with your children? If you have grown children, what kind of simple pictures linger in your memories? Please share so we all can learn.

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