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Katy, Texas – April 28, 2016
The end of March and the beginning of April marked the two year anniversary for Flaunt Salon.  Co-owners and hair stylists Mary Wesley and Oscar Aguilera are more than happy to call Flaunt Salon a blossoming business serving the area. “Any new business goes through so much, but we have always wanted our own hair salon and we were willing to do the work to make it happen,” explains Oscar.

“It took some things to fall in place. A little bonding of both of our visions and a little luck to have the right location available,” says Mary. All the stylists calling Flaunt Salon their home agree that Flaunt has a “Vegas” style look.  Customers appreciate the surroundings in the salon and the atmosphere.

When asking Mary’s client, Ms. Dianne Galaz what she thinks about the place she said, “It’s stylish, it’s clean, and I personally love coming because the place makes me feel like a star.”  After Ms. Ashlee Logue visited Flaunt for the first time she said, “You walk in with the “oh WOW” feeling. The décor is clean, bright, modern, and extremely upscale. It makes you feel just as upscale as your environment. All the stylists are very well put together and you’re greeted with smiles. Mary, the owner is beyond amazing. Her visible sense of style makes you feel like you know you’re going to leave her salon with a one-of-a-kind look,” says Logue.

The Flaunt Salon team consists of six independent stylists: Erica Galvan, Kat Hurtubise, Amy Majewski, Kathy Saban, Valerie Spivey, and Mary Wesley. The owners and stylists stride to keep the salon clean and as new looking as the day it was opened.

Flaunt Salon is located at 2944 South Mason Rd. at the corner of Cinco Ranch Blvd.
Hours are Tuesday – Saturday and each stylist is responsible for their schedule. Visit FlauntSalon.com.

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