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The family and I ventured out this past weekend. The weather was beautiful and the house was feeling cramped, so we buckled up the four boys and went to Mary Jo Peckham Park. We enjoyed ourselves and saw many, many others doing the same. Here are five happy sights I wanted to share with you:

1. Fishing Families – It is evident that fishing is a popular Katy pastime. While we have not tried this, yet, it was great to see bonding going on at the side of the pond. With the mild temperatures, sharing stories while waiting for a nibble is a cool family experience.

2. Putting Fun – My husband and I love miniature golf. We are surely going to try this at Peckham Park in the near future. As I was pointing out to the boys the huge goldfish and catfish in the tank near the golf course, I witnessed about three different groups playing golf. Games must have been going well, since I heard a dad or two laughing and even one singing to their children as they played.

3. Exercise Fanatics – I don’t mind walking in the park, but I am not one to actually allow strangers to see me do calisthenics. I must admit, though, it was obvious that those who were doing push-ups and ab work near the jogging trail have been working out frequently. If you don’t mind hungry ducks getting in your way, the jogging path is an excellent place to work off some calories.

4. Dog Park Barks – My almost-2-year-olds loved getting pushed to the dog park fence and saying, “Dog, dog,” as a variety of canines ran past. A few dogs even stopped for a second to say hello to us. Forget watching people, the dog park is where it’s at!

5. Playground Laughs – When you’re with kids and you’re at the park, the playground has to be a stop. Our boys loved daddy and mommy pushing them in the swings and running around as one of them. We loved it, too.

I hope to see you at the park before triple-digit temperatures make the movie theater and mall the place to be. What is your happy scene around Katy? We’d love to hear from you! Email editor@katymagazine.com.

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