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Posted January 27, 2011

Fielder Elementary invited area business partners to judge their science fair projects on January 24. The students individually presented their projects to and the judges had the opportunity to interact with the students and ask questions about their projects.  The Rainforest Café donated lunch for the judges.

Science fair judges included:

Aaron Greely-Mission Burrito
Chris Holingworth-Rainforest Café
Theresa Grey-Rainforest Café
Michael Logan-Rainforest Café
Karen Pennywell-Katy ISD secondary science curriculum
Courtney Holmes-Chick-fil-a
Chelsea Taylor-Chick-fil-a
Kelly Fasti-Mission Burrito
Elise Jacobson-Katy ISD elementary science curriculum
Dr. Tolliver-Kelsey Seybold Clinic
Fred Georges-Kelsey Seybold Clinic

Fielder invited local businesses to judge their science fair.
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