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A Katy family brings back some of the classics

My daughter was sick last night, and so we declared today a movie marathon day.  With the rain and her recovering stomach, it is the perfect day to cuddle up in front of the tv and enjoy family favorites.

We are avid Disney fans, and have most of the movies they have released from the vault since my oldest daughter was born in 2006.  We also have the traditional child faves, such as Sesame Street, Curious George, and the Shrek movies.

This morning, though, we decided to offer my daughter Avery some “new” options: classic favorites from my childhood and my husband’s childhood.

Right now, we are watching the 1969 movie Hello Dolly with Barbara Streisand.   My daughter loves it!  There is so much dancing and singing, and even my husband is willingly watching the story as it unfolds.  It has inspired me, and so in the next several weeks, we’ve decided to try out some other favorites from our childhoods:

*The Wizard of Oz

*The Sound of Music

*The Never Ending Story

*The Karate Kid

*Mary Poppins

We don’t watch movies often (we have a pretty strict television watching policy), and therefore the cartoons have dominated any time we are in front of the tv.  The girls have been perfectly happy watching The Princess and the Frog on repeat.  While I do love that movie, I’m not always as excited about the same movie the 10th time its been played.  This is an exciting moment for my husband and I… we’re going to get to introduce Avery to parts of cultural history, be entertained and reminded of our youth, and enjoy a special time with the whole family.

Since Avery is still pretty young (almost 4 years old), we know these movies may be hit or miss for now.  But my hope is to keep a mental file of these movies and try them throughout the years until she is ready for each of them to make the impact on her that they made on us.

I am certain I’ve forgotten true favorites from growing up, and I don’t want to miss the experience of sharing classics with my children.  Is there a movie you loved as a child that you now love to watch with your family?  Post a comment below!

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