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No one likes spending time doing activities they find disagreeable, even if the activities are good for them.   So, what is the best way to ensure you will exercise throughout your life?  The answer is finding a form of exercise that you love.  Once you find a kind of exercise that is fun, you will be hooked and exercise will become a pleasure.

My favorite form of exercise is dancing.  I enjoyed ballet and ballroom dance when I was younger and find that I work hardest when the form of exercise is somewhat creative.  I was thrilled when we moved to Katy and found that several of the local fitness centers offered cardio dance classes.  If you pay for a membership to Lifetime Fitness or the YMCA, for example, the fitness classes are included in the membership cost.  I have loved attending Latin Dance, Hip-hop and Zumba classes.  They are great cardio workouts and they make me feel like a teenager again.

Several years ago, my husband discovered a passion for racquetball.  He has found a group of guys in Katy that play regularly and keep him motivated and engaged in the sport.  Recently, he has participated in tournaments which further motivate him to push himself to become better.  My husband and I have also found that we enjoy biking.  We purchased a bike rack for our car, and we enjoy exploring Katy on our bicycles as a family.

Children are naturally active and when they discover fun forms of exercise, they will automatically seek out these activities.  Every day after school, my children enjoy a variety of fun, free sports.   They enjoy shooting baskets in our basketball hoop, jumping on the trampoline, biking, playing Frisbee, and rollerblading.  Sometimes the best exercise for children is letting them loose in your own backyard!

Exercise shouldn’t be drudgery.  In fact, it can and should be something we love…something that gives us an emotional and physical boost each day.  So what forms of exercise do you love?  How have you stayed motivated to continue exercising?  Please post a comment below.

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