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Katy, TX (December 5, 2016) Chef Laurenzo and the El Tiempo Cantina- Katy Family have released the following statement:
To the residents and businesses of Katy, Texas,
I just wanted to reach out and say thank you for all of the wonderful support from the people of Katy. We are grateful for everyone’s help and outpouring of support and words of encouragement. Thank you to the businesses in Katy who were able to, and have, offered employment to those who lost their jobs as a result of the fire. The El Tiempo family is so very grateful for such kind acts in helping us out in this challenging time. Thanksgiving this year was one which we will never forget as it was marred by the loss of our Katy location and many of our employees sacrificed their Thanksgiving to help out in any way they could. It was an unexpected, tough, and sad sacrifice, one in which we were grateful that no one was hurt. We thank the Katy and surrounding fire and police departments for their hard work.

The loss of El Tiempo Katy has set us back, but has not broken our spirit. We will work hard to try and rebuild our Katy store and hopefully one day we will be back! It is our first such devastating loss in over 50 years in the food service business and it displaced many employees which we care for dearly. Thank you Katy for your help! We love you!
We continue to offer our support and prayers to the El Tiempo family.
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