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An oasis of nature close to Katy

Avery and Hannah fishing with nets at the santuary

Yesterday, our playgroup took a field trip to the Edith Moore Nature Sanctuary.  It is literally a nature oasis in the middle of the Memorial area.  When we pulled in to the parking lot for Memorial Drive Methodist Church, the sign – and certainly the area – were not obvious.  But once we got our bearings and found the entrance to the Nature Sanctuary, we were amazed at what hides just beyond the road on Memorial Drive.

Yesterday, our children participated in a learning time, a craft, and many fun outdoor activities.  This was the last day of that particular program, but there are many more opportunities at the Edith Moore Nature Sanctuary, which you can explore by visiting http://outside.in/memorial-houston-tx/edith-l-moore-nature-sanctuary. 

The focus was on pond life while we were there, and my 3 ½ year old daughter had the opportunity to listen to information about pond life, observe many different types of pond critters, and paint a ceramic turtle and frog. 

After she finished painting, we were lead to a small pond with a low dock.  Each child was given a net and allowed to catch fish with it.  It was exciting for my daughter to get up close and personal with a crawfish and several smaller fish. 

After painting and fishing, my daughter got to pet a box turtle and a walking stick insect.  She was somewhat timid, but the nature guides were patient and gentle and once we finished, my daughter beamed with pride over what she had done.

Once the official class was over, we walked around the Nature Sanctuary, following paths through the woods and over bridges.  We saw an enormous frog and several turtle heads poking up from the water.

As we were leaving, we crossed a large bridge over a river about 10 feet below.  We stopped to look over the bridge and saw an enormous snake swimming aggressively all in the river.  From way up on our bridge, we felt very safe, and my daughter and her friends had a wonderful time observing such an exciting creature in its natural habitat. 

All in all, it was a wonderful trip.  I had no idea such an abundance of wildlife and nature was hiding just behind Memorial Drive.  We will certainly return!

Do you know of any hidden gems like the Edith Moore Nature Sanctuary?  Post a comment below!


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