Creating space to play and be together with your Katy family

I got a phone call from a friend of mine the other day.  “Angela!  You will never believe how much fun we just had!”  She and her 4 year old son were running an errand at Katy Mills Mall when they discovered a sidewalk full of caterpillars.  She happened to have a container in the car, so the two of them spent the next 30 minutes collecting caterpillars to take home and nurture together.  It was a moment of unplanned fun, and it reminded both my friend and I that so much of our time has become scheduled.

I stay home with my two girls, but we have activities planned most days.  With pre-school, The Little Gym, ballet and playgroup, we are very rarely home and almost always have a schedule and a plan wherever we go.

My girlfriend’s caterpillar experience was a good reminder that some of our best moments come in the unplanned space between activities. 

If I am honest, I’ll admit my girls are probably tired from all of our activities.  Sure, I want them to be enriched.  And yes, if we stay home for too long without a plan, we all start to go crazy.  But I also think we can find a better balance than we have now.

For the next several weeks, my plan is to carve out one day a week that is just for us to be together.  No agenda, no schedule.  (And no housework for Mommy.  I plan to treat it like I would a playdate or other activity in that I don’t expect to accomplish anything around the house for that amount of time.)

I am excited to see how this goes.  If it isn’t raining, I may take the girls to a park or for a nature walk.  If it is raining, maybe we’ll go waste some time and coins at Katy Mills Mall.  Or maybe we’ll stay home and bake or have a tea party.

What about you?  Do you care to join me on this little experimental ‘day of rest’?  Post a comment below!

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