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How Katy Parents Can Manage Cell Phones And Teens

March 23, 2010 – Katy, Texas – Sign Up Features- Many cell phones and cell phone providers offer features such as texting,video, and camera options. The privacy of the child is always at risk when they are allowed certain freedoms they don’t exactly know how to manage. As a parent, instead of offering your child the unlimited cell phone plan, request the text and call only plan or call only plan. The child’s privacy is protected to a greater degree and you’ll be saving more on a monthly basis.

Check The Cell Phone Daily– Although as parents you may feel the need to warrant a certain leniency towards your children, when it comes to a child’s public protection sometimes what seems like a “breach in privacy” is nothing but a parent being a parent. Checking the child’s cell phone for suspicious texts or videos or pictures at times can be a viable option when it comes to evaluating whether or not the child is responsible with something you as a parent had purchased.

Helping With The Purchasing Of Mobile Phones– Most children after a certain age will independently choose to buy products. The parent should always be with the child in the purchasing of any product that seems controversial. The child most likely is not business savvy and will need assistance in determining what features, rates and plans are economically and personally reasonable.

Prepaid Phones- Many retail stores sell prepaid mobile phones that feature text and call only options. These phones are inexpensive and are easy enough for teens to buy ($50-$70 per phone) without parental concern for their child’s well being.

Although this focuses on children transitioning into the teenage years, these tips can be used to help any parent with a child of any age.  When it comes to privacy and protection, as a parent you are in control not vice versa. 

Do you have any tips on managing your child’s cell phone?  Please comment below.

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