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Dog Parks in Katy

We are always trying to find different parks for dogs for our dog Max to exercise and have fun with other doggies. Our dog Max awaits anxiously at the door to be taken to the dog park in Katy. He immediately knows when we get his leash and he starts jumping to get it on.
Katy has several dog parks in the area that caters to the doggies. We have taken our dog to Millie Bush Bark Park on 16756 Westhiemer Parkway and he really loves it. We always see different kinds of dogs there big and small. They also have a section for the larger dogs so the smaller dogs don’t get scared of the much bigger ones there in the park. The park has fire hydrants, water fountains, doggie showers, a lake, pick up bags and a walking trail with shade trees.
We have also visited the Katy Dog Park on 5414 Franz Rd next to the Katy library. This park has a walking trail, water spigot, benches, pick up bags and a pond. This park is even located close to Mary Jo Peckman Park and the baseball fields. In this park all the doggies are together in the park playing and running all around.
There is also another dog park going into Houston close to Katy called Bill Archer Dog Park 3210 Hwy 6 north of I10. This park has agility playground equipment, walking trails, pick up bags, doggie showers, water fountains, areas for small and large dogs, and something so special a dog bone shaped pond. This will make any doggie go crazy and ready to jump in.
All of these parks are all fenced in so no worry for your pet to run off. It is even a nice way to meet and greet people with different kinds of dogs. My dog Max is always looking forward to go and play with his doggie friends. Have you been to any of these dog parks? Has your dog met any new doggie friends? Please post your comments below.
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