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A great place to enjoy the summer while staying close to Katy

Discovery Green, located downtown, is one of the most inclusive free places to enjoy summertime in Houston.  It includes two large water features, similar to any local neighborhood splash park… except much, much larger, and a playground area as well.  Additionally, there are little remote controlled boats to rent and a snack bar/cafeteria and restrooms.

Visit www.discoverygreen.com for directions and more details, such as fun events held each weekend (and often during the week as well).

Discovery Park was opened in 2008, and I only recently discovered it last October while I was downtown for a conference.  Even when it was too cold for the water parks to be open, the playground area was an obvious draw for my two children, ages 4 and 18 months.  Add in interactive water areas and they are in hot-Houston heaven.

There is always art on display, which includes art carts and more permanent art.  One of the structures, the Mist Tree, is both art and fun – my girls love to stand beneath the structure and giggle as the showers come over them.

Discovery Green also has a lake and plenty of green grass to spread out a blanket on and enjoy a picnic, a cold treat from the snack bar, or just to rest after letting the children wear themselves out in the water features and on the playground structure.

The park is open from 6 am until 11 pm every day, with the exception of some areas closing for maintenance as needed.  Parking is available around Discovery Green in metered spots, and there is additional paid parking in garages around the area.

Although heading downtown isn’t something I do on a regular basis, Discovery Green is absolutely worth the trip.  My daughters love to splash and play, they love the art, and they love the café.  I love all of those aspects as well, and I especially love the quiet ride home as the children nod off to naptime.

What about you?  Do you frequent Discovery Green?  Post a comment!

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