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Katy, Texas – Cinco Ranch High School Destination Imagination team, DI Harder, won first place in the world at the Global DI Competition in Knoxville, Tennessee. There were teams from 45 states, seven Canadian provinces and 13 countries competing with over 15,000 people in attendance.


The teams 17.7 gram structure held 820 pounds, and was hit by a ram 18 times. Their side project, a modified clepsydra or water clock, received the top score of any team competiting. Their entire skit, scenery, and costumes were based on Julius Cesar. The group previouslywon first at Regional and first at State. At Regional their structure won the DiVinci Award. They competed in the ‘DI Extreme Challenge’ winning first at Regionals and third at State. The team consists of Matthew Burch, Alexandra Du, Matt Gaikema, Joey Gu, Ross Miglin, Jessica Yi, and Cathy Wu.



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