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Tips on creating a fun date night for you and your significant other in Katy

It’s not easy for parents to get out on a date night, but it is possible–and necessary. Planning is key. My husband and I love to get out of the house for a little while at least once a month. At times we have to cut out of work early or go in late to make use of our son being in school. We will go out for a leisurely breakfast or brunch. If we leave work after lunch, we can usually find a movie or have fun just getting out to some stores without the responsibility of watching our two-year-old.
But, when we can manage going out at night, we usually head to Alamo Drafthouse (531 S. Mason Rd., 77450). Here, it’s like a one-stop date night venue. First of all, the Alamo’s policy of no children under six years of age really makes a romantic difference. (I’ll tell you later about their great Baby Days, though!) All children under the age of 18 must be with parents. Nice, huh?
When we arrive, we try to stop at the bar for a drink that we can bring to our movie seats. There are also comfortable chairs in the lobby if we are very early. There are two pages of drinks on the menu. The choice is yours. We usually head inside the theater to watch the corny clips from old movies and the funny commercials played before the movie starts.
We don’t have to worry about finding a restaurant. The Drafthouse has a full menu from appetizers like popcorn, fried pickles, and chips to hearty meals. My husband and I usually get one of their pizzas or a burger. We never leave hungry.
It’s a fun experience. We write our selections on a piece of paper, and our waitperson comes right to us. Halfway through the movie, you’ll be asked if there’s anything else you want. The bill is brought to you, and that’s it. No hassles. My only hint for you is to arrive early enough so you’re not trying to read the menu in the dark. Cell phone lights help tremendously!
Like I said, date nights are important. And to have an avenue right here in Katy that is so convenient really makes it easy. Where do you and your date like to go? Let us know!
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