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How to Create the Perfect Katy Nursery

Nursery planning typically kicks into gear once you know if you are having a boy or a girl. Then, you can choose a fun theme that ties in all elements of the room and sets the stage for a great beginning. Katy mom, Jessica Huntoon had an important consideration in mind when deciding on a nursery theme for her first daughter, Hanna. “I wanted a theme that could grow with her,” explains Huntoon. Her plan was successful. Hanna is now in kindergarten and her nursery theme of butterflies and dragonflies is still prevalent in her new big girl room. Really, the nursery theme is for the parents and not the baby. By picking something that they can grow with, the theme will hopefully be loved by the baby, too, and become something they enjoy. “Now Hanna loves butterflies and just pretty bugs,” Huntoon says.

Unique Rooms to Fit Each Baby

You don’t always have to think outside the box again for your second child. Huntoon loved the theme of Hanna’s room, so she reused the idea for her second daughter Lyla, now two and a half. With a few changes, Huntoon transformed the room into a unique space. Lyla’s nursery includes flowers in the theme and is more purple and green than Hanna’s, which had more pink in the color scheme.

Lisa and Graham Tidbury of Katy chose the theme of the Australian outback for their 4-month-old son Grayson’s nursery. Though the idea may seem unique to most, it was the first the couple had, since Graham’s parents live in Australia and are far from their grandson. “We wanted to honor his grandparents that live abroad,” Lisa explains. Even though it was challenging for them to find accessories to complement their nursery’s creative them, they enjoyed every minute of it. When the usual baby stores were lacking cute baby kangaroos and koala bears, Lisa found a friend in Ebay, which proved that most any theme can be achieved.

The Tidbury’s also personalized their son’s nursery by refurbishing Graham’s old dresser. The dresser had once been in Graham’s nursery and it had been remodeled and used throughout his life. Once they learned that they were having a son, the dresser was sanded and painted to coordinate with the room. This brought a very personal touch to the nursery and also proved to be a great way to save some money. Lisa made sure to include her family’s old rocking chair in the nursery, too. This was the chair that her mother had used to rock her to sleep and she loved the sentimental touch.

Convertible cribs are one popular trend that can take your child into their toddler years and beyond. These are great, sturdy cribs that can also convert into a child’s bed when you buy the extended package for it. This way, the crib can serve your baby longer and grow with them when they outgrow the crib. It was important to Huntoon to get this type of crib, so that it would last longer for her girls. Since they tend be sturdier and heavier, they are also a great option for people with large dogs who fear they could frequently peek in on the baby.

Brande Jones of Katy turned to the talent of a family member for the color inspiration of her son, Chapman’s circus-themed nursery. Jones’ husband had recently lost his aunt, a talented painter to cancer. One of her paintings was of the classic childhood Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls. Jones hung the painting in the nursery, using its bright red and primary colors in the nursery theme. “I loved how it turned out and was happy to see a family painting as the center piece,” she says. She was also lucky to have a lot of help decorating from her mother, who is a professional decorator and who was all too willing to help prepare a masterpiece for her grandson. Lisa Tidbury encourages parents designing a space for their cutie to have fun with the project. “Don’t stress out too much,” she says. “Make it an enjoyable time.” Make your nursery a place where you love to be with your baby and then it will be the perfect nursery for you.

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Adapted from Katy Magazine’s article written by Natalie Cook Clark in Katy Magazine’s Spring Issue 2010

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