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Keeping your Katy yard looking good throughout the summer months

When our family moved to Katy, I was excited to experiment with the many varieties of tropical plants that I had never been able to plant in our previous yards in the Midwest.   I frequented Home Depot and Houston Garden Center to find the perfect trees, shrubs and flowers for our new Katy home.    Within months of moving into our home, I had planted a plethora of palms, fruit trees, crepe myrtles, magnolias and dozens of shrubs.   I was excited to watch my tropical yard flourish.  Needless to say, within a year’s time, quite a few of my tropical beauties had died.  I had always had a green thumb, so I wondered where I had gone wrong.

I soon learned that due to the clay-based soil, trees, shrubs, and flowers are not happy unless they are planted in raised beds where they have adequate drainage.  With much chagrin, I began again, this year to beautify my yard.  I bought plenty of fertile soil to ensure the tropical foliage would thrive.  As I tried again, to plant various tropical varieties, I had much better success.  In fact, I feel I am well on my way to my tropical paradise. 

Another lesson I have learned is that yard work in the Houston area is very time consuming.  With the humid environment, weeds grow like crazy.  Last summer I felt like I simply couldn’t keep up.  So, this summer, I have decided to spoil myself.  I have hired a yard crew to mow and weed my yard once a week.   In Katy, there are hundreds of fabulous yard contractors who will mow, weed, plant, fertilize and mulch for a very reasonable rate.   At first I felt a little guilty that I had given up ownership of my yard care.  But, each time I pull into my driveway and see the beauty that I could never have achieved on my own, I am more than happy I have outsourced some of my yard care. 

What yard advice do you have to share?  Please post a comment.

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