There are times when you can’t believe you just did that. Katy parents reveal some of their most embarrassing parenting secrets.

Missing Something
“When my twins were infants, I was in a constant state of exhaustion. One day they had their 2-month-old check-up. As usual, I got them ready in the carriers and put them by the garage door so I could grab my purse and get everything loaded in the car. Without even thinking, I jumped in the car and headed out. When I got to the end of the street, I realized I had forgotten something very important – the babies! I drove home as fast as I could and swung open the door. My little ones were fast asleep in the carriers with no idea that mommy had forgotten them.” – M.C.

Early Preparation
“My mom used to have us get dressed in our school clothes the night before, after bath time, so she wouldn’t have to fight with us in the morning about what to wear.”- N.M.

Misplaced Milk
“One time, I was looking for Charlotte’s bottle of breast milk I had just pumped. I knew I had pumped, but it wasn’t in the fridge. Hours later, I found it in the kitchen cabinet with the glasses – because that’s where breast milk belongs. I was clearly sleep-deprived. But I laughed for days.”  -K.M.

Neighborly Visit
“I never set an alarm on the weekends. There’s no need to. My alarm comes in the form of a 5-year-old and 3-year-old twins. One Saturday, I woke up to see my 5-year-old not only awake but dressed in a hot pink skirt that was at least one size too little and a turquoise tank top. When asked her why she had gotten dressed, she nonchalantly said, ‘We walked over to the neighbors.’ I’m freaking out. I can’t believe my ears. About that time, our neighbor was knocking on the door. Her hubby told her they went to her house, and she was checking on them. Not my proudest parenting moment. I bought a lock that is higher on the door. My 5-year-old’s response to that was, ‘I’ll have to get a chair to reach it now.’”
– S.C.

Gummy Bear Secrets
“Being a working parent is hard with medication and fever policies. So I have to confess, on occasion when my daughter has woken up with a slightly elevated temp, and I know what’s causing it (usually ear infection – not contagious), I slip a couple of chewable Ibuprofen in her gummy bears at lunch to keep her from being sent home. She takes them at home, I give her specific instructions not to share, and it saves me from the call and more importantly the 24-hour stay-home policy.” – D.R.

Emergency Measures
“When my oldest, 4, declares she needs to potty after I have already buckled all the car seats and it is an ‘emergency,’ I will grab a diaper from the baby’s bag and put it on her so I don’t have to unload and drag everyone to the public bathroom.” – N.M.

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