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Posted December 16, 2010

Compassion Katy announced Melissa Williams was voted as the volunteer with the greatest impact this year.

Williams has always been active in church and volunteering in the community. She has done everything from Meals on Wheels to helping with her kid’s classrooms.

In 2008 Williams volunteered at Katy ServeFest at West Houston Charter School and immediately stepped into leadership. Shortly after this event Hurricane Ike hit and she immediately stepped up to help those in need. Williams shopped for a dislocated family of 17, organized food and took care of many other urgent needs.

After things settled down Williams became aware of the great need that Compassion Katy had regarding their website. With her background in graphic arts and familiarity with WordPress she has become an invaluable asset. Williams now serves on Compassion Katy’s Advisory board, acts as the communication coordinator. She also plays a lead role in Compassion Katy’s annual ServeFest.

Williams says that she is grateful for the opportunity to volunteer weekly with a nonprofit that impacts our community by bringing churches together to meet greater needs.

Compassion Katy salutes this wife and mother of 2 for all of her commitment and hard work. Please mention you found this on www.KatyMagazine.com.

Melissa Williams accepts her Volunteer of the Year award from Compassion Katy.
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