Katy, Texas – December 28, 2015
It’s Tuesday morning. The company holiday party is four days away and your babysitter just backed out. Instead of working on your job, you’re working the phone trying to line up a sitter.

It’s Thursday evening. Your fifth-grader has a band concert; your kindergartner has no interest in sitting still for two hours, but who’s available to watch her?

When Grandma and Grandpa are out of town and the high school neighbor is busy with her own social life, the options for parents are limited. They can either spend hours on the phone trying to line up a sitter or put their lives on hold (again)!

In a world where you can find a date, order a pizza and binge watch every episode of “Gilmore Girls” all from your smartphone, the solution is just an app away.

The My Sitters™ App from College Sitters connects moms and dads who need help with qualified, reliable sitters who have a passion for watching kids.


Here’s how it works:

Mom or Dad downloads the app and sets up a time for an in-home consultation. At that one-time meeting, our Family Placement Manager gets to know the family – how many kids they have, what their interests are, if they have any pets or allergies. This process helps College Sitters match families with the right sitters.

After that meeting, a set of sitters is assigned to the family. Whenever you need one, booking is as easy as sending a text. Mom or Dad can pull up a calendar and scroll through the available babysitters. When they’ve chosen their favorite, they book a date and time right on their phone. Within a very short period of time (sometimes only minutes), they’ll get a confirmation directly from the sitter.

The actual event is just as simple. College Sitters arrive on time and provide their own transportation – no picking them up and dropping them off! Plus, there’s no reason to stop at the ATM to get cash. Parents get billed through the app on a biweekly basis.

It’s a win-win for the babysitters, too. The initial meeting ensures the home environment is safe for them. They are employees of College Sitters, who get a steady paycheck and on-going training. This means parents can feel confident their kids will be safe and happy while they’re out.

The My Sitters App can’t solve every problem for parents. But, at least your sleepless nights will be because of a crying baby and not over the stress of finding a sitter.


Content Courtesy of College Nannies & Tutors

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