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A Katy family turns to one another for support

Rain pelted the windshield as I cautiously attempted to drive home. It had been raining when we had arrived at our church for the Fourth of July activity, but now as I tried to make the trek home, I found that the roads were covered and the drains were obviously not able to drain the water as fast as it was accumulating. I said a silent prayer and wondered if I would be able to see through the great torrents of water that were rushing from the sky.

Since all of the roads were covered with water, it was impossible to discern how deep the water was in any given spot. I hesitated and wondered if we should pull to the side of the road to wait out the storm. After some thought, I felt I would be safe to proceed. Suddenly,the van stalled. I tried to start the car again, and again, but alas, it would not start. The engine had flooded and we were in serious danger. I peered out of the window and saw that the van was surrounded by water. It looked like the van was floating in a giant river. The normally gentle stream adjacent to the road, had risen and had flooded the ground on which we were driving. We were caught in a flash flood.

Within moments, I decided my children and I needed to get out of the car before it was swept away. As I opened the van door, water began to rush inside. My three children were not yet strong swimmers, thus, I held onto them with all my strength so they wouldn’t be swept away. Exerting all of the energy I could muster, I waded through waist-deep water until we reached higher ground. I collapsed onto the grass, exhausted, and drenched to the bone.

I have often thought back to this experience and have thought about how grateful I am that our family was able to pass through this storm safely, and without harm. Life is much like that stormy day. Sometimes life surprises us with floods, storms, and difficulties of all kinds. How grateful I am for a family to cling to during life’s troubled times.

In time of test, family is best. -Burmese Proverb

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