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Members of all three eighth grade volleyball teams at Cinco Ranch Junior High swept the district championship for the first time ever is school history. Girls on the A, B, and C teams all earned spots to compete in the district championship, held Oct. 29.

Members of the A team are: Juliana Ansley, Alli Avant, Anna Butschek, Yvonne Goodwyne, Corin Evans, Ashley Kosub, Jada LaGrue, Alyssa Palermo, Georgia Rollins, and Harleigh Tally.

Members of the B team are: Patricia Ascanio, Megan Atkinson, Ashley Cook, Anna Futch, Kim Karns, Eve Massey, Claire McAlister, Anna Miller, Blair Stratman, Allie Warren, Lexi Wheeler, Camerin Wilkins, and Kim Wilkins.

Members of the C team are: Channell Bryant, Julie Calcagno, Priscilla Carter, Katie Funkhouser, Jennifer Kluppel, Catherine Ludolph, Raeann Marino, Hannah Nguyen-Cao, Clair Sullivan, Shae VanCleave, Jordyn White, and Kyless Wilkinson.

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Cinco Ranch Junior High - A team
Cinco Ranch Junior High - B team
Cinco Ranch Junior High - C team
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