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This year, like many before, the staff and students of Kids R Kids of Cinco Ranch East rallied together to raise more than $1,100 for the Susan G. Komen Foundation. The different between this year and previous ones is this year the money wasn’t being donated to a nameless face in the crowd. This year, the beneficiary was close to home.

In March 2011, Community Relations Director of Kids R Kids Cinco Ranch east, Dawn Tejero, got the unfortunate news that her mother had breast cancer. Like so many others whose family members are affected by the disease, Tejero became even more dedicated to the cause of raising money for a cure.

“I have seen first-hand what raising this money does because I have seen technology become available in just the past four years that can forever change the way we find out about cancer risks and consequently can help people avoid a positive diagnosis,” says Tejero.

“My mom’s twin sister had breast cancer twice, and now they can test family members for genetic indications of cancer risk, which had it been available then, my mom might have received earlier detection and avoided the need for chemotherapy.”

Through efforts like a ‘pay to wear jeans day,’ a Truck R Treat raffle, and month-long classroom-based penny drives, the students and staff raised more than $1,100. More than a tenth of that total came from one kinder classroom alone.

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