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A Katy family celebrates a new kind of holiday

While reading my Mother’s Day cards with my children and husband, my five year old looked up at me and said in all seriousness, “There is Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day, and all of the rest of the days are Children’s Day’s!”  I smiled at him and said, “You are right!  Three hundred and sixty-three days of the year are children’s days!”

As I have thought about the years I have been a mother, I smile as I think about the many Children’s Days I have enjoyed.  Yes, there have been many difficult and exhausting times, but there have also been countless beautiful, fun and delightful times.

Some days I feel like my children are my greatest fans.  For instance, my eleven year old daughter made a card for me on the computer for Mother’s Day that said, “When I think of you, certain pictures come to mind.  This Mother’s Day, I decided to show you what pictures are in my mind.”  She had found clip-art and had written words by the clip-art such as:  Beautiful mom, Amazing Singer, Fabulous Cook…”  Her sweet card made my day!  To have a child love and adore you is priceless!

Other days, a kind act by one of my children warms my heart.  Several days ago, as I was loading the dinner dishes, my teenage son walked into the kitchen.  Sensing that I was tired, he said, “Stop mom.  I’ll finish the dishes.  Go to bed.”  I felt so lucky to have such a sweet and sensitive son.  It made me feel grateful!

And, on other days, I simply watch my children and feel proud.  I walked into the family room recently and listened as my seven year old lectured my five year old about how he could best prepare for first grade.  I watched silently and smiled as my little 7 year-old man lovingly taught his younger brother.

So, even though three hundred and sixty-three Children’s Days per year is a lot, being a Mother definitely has its perks.  I for one, wouldn’t trade those days for anything!

What have been your favorite Children’s Days?  Please share a comment below.

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