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Parenting your Katy kids is a learning process

I remember talking to my mother one day when my children were very young.  I was tired and I told her how happy I would be when my children were older.  “Motherhood will be so much easier!”  I said.  Wise as she was, she said, “No, it won’t be easier, in fact, it may be harder!”  At the time, this didn’t sit well with me, and I wondered what could possibly be harder than late night feedings, colic, and temper tantrums. 

Now, as my older children are entering their teenage years, I know what she was talking about.  The physical demands of young children are indeed exhausting!  But, the emotional demands of older children are just as, or more exhausting.  I am just entering this stage of life, but, I am learning that I need to change as they change.  I can’t be the same mother to them that I was when they were little.

Let me illustrate what I mean.  My teenage son is a night owl.  Some nights it drives me crazy that he stays up so late!  I know he will be tired the next day and he knows he will be tired the next day.  Each night I say the same words:   “Honey…it’s getting late.  Please go to sleep soon.”  He is a wonderful boy and he often gives me a hug and says, “Don’t worry.  I’ll go to bed soon.”  Apparently his and my definitions of “soon” are very different, because he always ends up staying late.  He is entering the season of independence and I am learning to choose my battles.  Admittedly, he is doing fantastic in school, making good choices and is willing to help me whenever I need it.  I suppose letting him manage his sleep schedule is something that I can live with.

Motherhood is indeed complex. Learning to adapt as my children grow and change is something I am working on!

Do you have any suggestions?  Thanks!

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