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Teaching our Katy cutie the value of a thoughtful gift

My husband and I decided when my daughter was very young that we wanted to use Mother’s Day and Father’s Day as an opportunity to teach her about thoughtful gifts.  We wanted to teach her to give gifts that are special because she thought of the person she was giving the gift to.  We were hopeful that we could teach her that cost isn’t as important as thought.

To that end, we agreed that the most meaningful gifts for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day would be gifts that she picked out herself.  One year, we took her to the Dollar Store and let her pick out anything she thought her Mommy and Daddy would like.  She chose sidewalk chalk and a water gun for her Mommy that year and candy and sidewalk chalk for her Daddy.  The next year, we narrowed the decisions down for her and let her chose between a few gifts we knew would be special.

This year, my daughter is almost 4 and capable of more abstract thought.  When my husband asked her what she thought Mommy would like to get for Mother’s Day, she instantly responded, “Mommy would like a party.  With a piñata.  And a rainbow cake.  And pin the tail on the donkey.”  So, this year for Mother’s Day, my gift will be a Rainbow Party, put on by one very loving 4 year old girl.  For a four year old, this is an incredibly thoughtful gift: Mommy is a girl, just like her, and she would like a party in her honor, so wouldn’t Mommy?  It makes me really happy to imagine the thought process she must’ve worked through in order to decide that what Mommy wants is a Rainbow Party.

Sure, every mom loves flowers and earrings and sweet cards.  But knowing that my daughter thought of something by herself and watching her excitement grow as she plans the party with her Daddy… that is so much more special to me during this time of my life than any other gift I could receive. 

How about you?  Do you have any special ways of celebrating Mother’s Day?  Post a comment below!

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