Katy, TX (October 25, 2016) Centerra Ranch Montessori School in Katy invited local law enforcement officers to their facility to show their appreciation and respect. Officers visited with students, let them sit in their vehicles, and explained the various technology they used. Students had a great time meeting officers and learning more about what they do. Owner Angeline Labbè-Auzenne adds, “We wanted our children to tour their police cars in hope of dismissing any anxiety our young children may have recently developed.”

blue-brunch-at-centerra-ranch-montessori-school-16The officers also fielded questions from their young audience including, “How do you become a police officer?” To which they replied, “Stay in school, go to college, and be really nice to others.”

In addition to their tours and high fives, the officers were also served a fajita lunch complete with cupcakes and caramel apples. They were also presented with a pledge from the staff and students at Centerra Ranch Montessori School which read, “Today we pledge to remind the few if ill of you they speak, that you are all that stands between the monsters and the weak.”

To show their avid appreciation, students presented the officers with “thank you” cards and messages.





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