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March 24, 2010 – Katy, TX – There has been a debate of whether to adopt a small dog or a big dog in our family. We have visited various shelter’s out in Katy and have seen so many beautiful dogs that we wish we could adopt all of them. We have to put the pros and cons toward adopting a big or small pet. We had visited a nearby park and had seen so many different sizes of dogs. We were amazed that some doggies identify their owners. We did noticed that the majority of the men like bigger dogs and the ladies like smaller dogs. Why is that I wonder? We also have to ask ourselves what about vet visits? Routine maintenance? Food? There is so many questions involved in adopting a bigger dog to a smaller dog. We also have seen smaller dogs being carried in retail stores in their dog carriers some even fit in our purse.  I have even seen dog strollers in stores with dogs in them. If we were to have a bigger dog there would be no dog carrier or dog stroller in the store this would be impossible because of the size of the dog. I have also seen vet bills, routine maintenance and food for smaller dogs cheaper than for bigger dogs. Having a bigger dog protects your home of intruders they can hear those loud barks that tend to put people on alert. Smaller dogs don’t do that barking that tends to intimidate intruders instead they find it amusing. What about a bed or a kennel for the dog? Will our dog be comfortable in our home if it is big or small? I would guess it would depend on the size

of the home as well as a backyard for the dog. There is one important thing that we do know is that whatever size we choose it will be part of our family for a long time.

So my fellow Katy readers to adopt a small dog or adopt a big dog that is the question?

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