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A free summer Bible study at The Waters Church in Katy

This summer, The Waters Church is offering a free Bible study session through its women’s ministry, Sisterhood.  The Bible Study consists of an hour long teaching session, on DVD, given by Beth Moore.  Following that, there is a time for discussion among the women in attendance. 

The group of women meets every other Tuesday night at The Waters Church, located at 2710 North Mason Road, # 145 in Katy.  This Tuesday, June 22nd, is an “on” week, or a week we are meeting.  For more information, or for directions, visit www.iamthewaters.com.

This upcoming Tuesday, we will be viewing the second session of the nine session series.  The DVD series is a recording of when Beth Moore taught her Inheritance talks in front of a live audience just last year. 

The first session was incredible.  I wasn’t sure what to expect.  Although I love Beth Moore’s teachings, I didn’t know how it would translate onto a screen rather than live or via a book.  However, the message was projected onto a large screen and was easy to watch, and the time flew by as I soaked in every word Moore said.  I’ve thought back to the video many times over the past two weeks, and I am really looking forward to the next session.

If you are looking for a Bible study this summer, or have never had a chance to try one out, this is a great one.  There is no homework, book to buy, or purchase of any kind required, and since we meet only every other week, it is very low stress.  While all nine sessions fit together to create the whole message, even just attending one or two sessions would be worth it, in my opinion.  The series is among my favorite that Beth Moore has presented.  It is funny, touching, and challenging.

Do you have a study series on the Bible or Life-Improvement that you are involved in?  Post a comment below!

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