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Survival Tips For Transition

When the decision has been made to get healthier as a Katy family, the look of your food shelves must change, little by little!  In order for the family to eat healthy, the available selection must be healthy.  There are several items I suggest you stock in your pantry for both cooking needs and quick snacks.  One thing that is so important to remember that during the exchange of previous foods to healthier picks: it takes time for your family to adjust.

The previously available selection of processed, junk foods has wreaked havoc in more areas than the body – there is usually a mind connection as well – especially to comfort foods.  The process gets easier with time, but the ease of it depends greatly on the ages of your children, and level of willingness of the family as a whole to make this change for the better together.  During our pantry makeover, we’ve struggled with two of our children especially – both were picky eaters to begin with, and they have fought the transition harder than the other two.

During this transition from previous eating habits to the ones you now keep, remember to pick your battles.  If your child is having a difficult time adjusting to less sugar, less carbohydrates, and more whole foods, add in fun favorites that are not harmful, and ease the recovery!  For instance, I make sure to keep sugar-free puddings in the fridge, and microwave popcorn in the pantry.  Two of their favorites, and they don’t feel as deprived.

Over time, the transition eases, the family adjusts, and enthusiasm grows – especially as results begin to show due to the sacrifice.  Be patient with your family, continue to educate yourself in new recipes, ideas, and healthy additions to the family’s diet, and above all, splurge when necessary!  In the rough spots where discouragement may come, go grab a sugar-free deluxe coffee drink, and small plain frozen yogurt for the kids.  Allow yourself a break and then get right back on track, you’ll be refreshed, and ready to restart the whole and healthy plan you’ve all committed to.

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