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Being a Katy mom is full of surprises! 

Simple things seem to make life wonderful.  That’s why I decided to try this new, really cool toothpaste.  I was honestly excited to brush my teeth.  Yes, I had spent a little extra on it, but, goodness, I was a mother of four.  It was okay to splurge on myself.  I deserved it.  The first morning I used it was like magic.  My breath was as fresh as it had ever been.  I liked spoiling myself!

I wasn’t the only one who was excited about my new toothpaste.  He must have known how much it meant to me, because he waited until I was on the phone to make his move.  My toddler snuck into my bathroom, located the new toothpaste and commenced the experiment.  He smeared it all over the tub, counters, sinks and floors.

When I discovered my new toothpaste was already used up, I set out to get my next luxury.  Lipstick!  I was in need of a new color.  I had worn the old color for a long time and was ready for a change. The search began for the perfect new lipstick.  Finally, I found the perfect color.  It was called Burgundy Wine.  I bought it and stashed it in my purse. 

Again, the undercover rascal lay in wait.  This time, he waited until I was in the shower.  How did he know it was in my purse?  While drying my hair, little Braden walked in my bathroom.  I immediately noticed his hands and panicked.  Was it blood on his hands?  I threw the blow dryer down and rushed to him.  Upon closer examination, I discovered it was lipstick.  My brand new, beautiful, perfect lipstick covered him.  A smile crept over his face. 

“Where is it?”  I demanded.  “Where did you put it?”

He led me to the powder room and pointed.  The white pedestal sink was now a red pedestal sink.  And, there, lying on the toilet was my new lipstick…now only a stub.  There was nothing left. Ah…the joys of motherhood!

Do you have any zany motherhood stories to share?  Please do!

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