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Katy parents say ‘Goodbye’ summer and ‘Hello’ school

We had every good intention of getting up at six o’clock a.m. this week, in preparation for the new school year, but those good intentions went out the same window that our good summer intentions of re-slathering the sunscreen every hour and a half went out of!  My twelve-year-old son had to wake me up at eight o’clock a.m. this morning, so we obviously haven’t been wasting our time practicing for up and at ‘em!  Shoulda,  woulda,  coulda…  Ok, I have set the alarm for a good old-fashioned try at it tomorrow morning, 6:00 a.m.  It’s that time of year again!

Almost gone are the lazy summer days of freedom and too much sun.  So many friends over and too much swimming.  So little chores to do, so much sleep to get!  Almost gone are the days of hanging out with friends until too late, since the kids don’t have to be anywhere anyway!  Almost gone are the endless popsicles, ice cream truck runs, and late night neighborhood walks.

Here again (almost!) are the days of school and schedules, sports and homework, appointments here and there.  Back to the family hubbub of activities, classes, church functions and dance meets.  Here again is curfew and time limits, running late and running around, the general hustle and bustle of back to school.  Time to put into place the family message center, meal plan and calendar.   Here’s another chance at organizing your entryway for the shoe changes, sports equipment, and dance costumes.  Have you gotten everything the kids need for school supplies, or, even more importantly, their fashion needs?  Welcome to the end of summer and everything slow paced and comfortable…school starts August 23rd!

So as we moms kiss summer goodbye for another school season, we take a deep breath together and embrace the change!  As for me, I might hit the snooze button in the morning just a couple of times, who needs to practice for getting up earlier, anyway?! 


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