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Fine arts facilities and programs are in full bloom in and around Katy

Art is prevelant in the city of Houston and to no surprise alive and well in Katy as well. There are so many oppurtunities in Katy to experience the colorful and creative atmosphere of our city. In terms of the physical arts,
Katy as well as Houston offer quality art exhibits such as The Museum Of Fine Arts in Houston, The Houston Contemperary Art Exhibit, Forbidden Gardens ect.
Musically there is a seemingly endless amount of mucisians and
bands that are not only talented but hungry for success which equates to some awesome performances. Houston itself is home to the HGO(Houston Grand Opera) and the HTD( Houston Theatre District). These operatic powerhouses offer performances that will leave you speechless.
Annual festivals such as the Japanese Festival are great socializing
events and are just plain fun for the entire family. There is even an annual chalk art festival which is essentially a two and a half block canvas for some great artists.
The idea that so much art can be based in one city is not
surprising as Houston and Katy are home to some of the regions most appreciated art institutes and programs.  Houston programs include the Art League of Houston and the Art Institute of Houston. Katy offers the Katy Visual & Performing Arts Center as well as the Imagine Art Studios and many more. Education of the arts generates revenue for artistic based tournaments and competitions which gives students of the arts in school and outside of the educational system the oppurtunity to produce artwork for scholorship money. The Texas Art Education Association sponsors on of the most recognized competitons in the Visual Arts Scholastc Event.
With so much attention towards the arts it is obvious why many travel to Houston in order to further their artistic pursuits. In the comments tell
me what is your favorite artistic endeavor and where do you think Houston( and Katy) ranks among the top artistic
cities in America?
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