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Loving those priceless moments with my Katy cuties

Yesterday, my extended family and I were spending the day together.  We were sitting outside, watching my 4 year old daughter, Avery, playing in the sandbox.  My sister, Amanda, and my grandmother were talking about a new dress my sister was hoping to sew.  She went to the car to get the pattern she had purchased, only to discover she had left it at her house in Spring.  All of the adults discussed how frustrating it is to realize you’ve left something by the front door instead of loading it up.  I had no idea my daughter was listening until she interrupted the conversation.

“Mommy,” she said, “I’m all done with the sand.  I’m going to go inside and wash my hands and make Amanda a pattern.”

It was touching how much she cared about fixing the situation for Amanda, and although none of us knew how she was planning on making a dress pattern, we all went along with it.

After her hands were washed, she waited while my father got her paper.  And then, moments later, she emerged with a piece of paper.  It had circles scribbled on it in alternating colors: purple, yellow, purple, yellow…

She took the paper to Amanda and proudly handed it over to her.  “Amanda, I made you a pattern!”  She’s been learning about making A-B-A-B patterns in school, and was so proud to ‘fix’ Amanda’s problem by sharing her knowledge.

Amanda assured my daughter that this was exactly what she needed and we all enjoyed a good laugh over it. 

Having an almost-four year old is so much fun, and every once in a while we happen into these moments that couldn’t be scripted any cuter or more wonderful than they play out naturally.

What about you?  Do your children keep you laughing?  Post a comment below!


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