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How one Katy family inspires others in the community

Some time ago, my husband and I met a family who had a significant impact on our lives. This remarkable family taught me how one can live with what I like to call “An Abundance Mentality”.  They inspired me to live life to its fullest in spite of circumstance.     

I met the Smith family the first day we visited our new church.  We had recently moved, and had not yet met anyone.  Upon entering, Shannon Smith walked up to me and introduced herself.  Shannon promptly asked if she could help me in any way.  Not knowing her, I was at first reluctant to ask, but I desperately needed some help with my younger children while we unloaded the moving truck. I decided to go ahead and ask if she could help me with my children for a couple of hours the following day.  She happily agreed and told me not to worry.  She was glad to help.  I was warmed by her kindness, and felt good knowing I had found a friend.   

Over the next few years, I watched as this amazing family positively impacted others. The Smiths were quite poor.  Their home was very small and it was clear that they didn’t have a lot of money.  What surprised everyone who met them, however, was that you would never know they lacked for anything.  They were always the first to volunteer to take a meal to someone who was sick, or open their home for a play group, or offer service to those in need. 

I often reflect upon the Smith’s example.  In spite of their meager means, they richly blessed everyone they came into contact with.  I realized, through their example that it doesn’t matter how much money one makes, or how full one’s time, living abundantly really comes down to a state of mind…and using our time and resources to help others.   Have you known people who have “An Abundance Mentality”?  Please share a comment.

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