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Finding a club for moms in Katy makes all the difference for this Katyite

I’ve stayed at home with my girls since my oldest was born almost 4 years ago.  And throughout my journey in mothering, I’ve been a part of one mothering club or another in the Katy area. 

I am very thankful for a friend who drug me to meetings in the very beginning.  I was still bleary eyed, smelling of spit up, and bloated from delivery when my girlfriend began calling and asking me to join her as we scoped out local mothering clubs.  It felt a bit unnecessary at the time (my baby not being but 5 weeks old), but her encouragement, and the subsequent relationships I formed from joining a mothering club, made all of the difference in the world.

In the beginning, being a part of a club (in my case, I chose All Moms of Katy “AMOK”) helped me with the common feelings of new moms: feeling alone, feeling exhausted, feeling like life changed instantaneously.  As my children grew and are now able to participate in the activities that the club has to offer, we’re all better off for days spent with AMOK.

This past Tuesday, we went to the monthly club meeting – this time, at Mary Jo Peckham park.  The children played, then enjoyed an enormous potluck lunch.  Next came a scavenger hunt and kite flying… and while we were following our children around and they were engrossed in the activities, we were able to spend some adult conversation time, as well.

There are many different mothering clubs in Katy, and each has something unique to offer to parents.  All Moms of Katy has been a great fit for me because there are children the same ages as my children, the activities are varied and entertaining to my children, and the women are friendly, open, and helpful.  I am thankful for AMOK because it helped me stave off the baby blues in the beginning and has allowed me to grow into a more active role as my children participate in and enjoy the field trips and meetings.

What about you?  Do you have a mothering club that you love?  Post a comment below!

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