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Just one of the many sports enjoyed by our Katy community

Ah, baseball.  What a sport!  The smell of a new glove, the whish of the air as the bat is swung, and the screams and whoops of the excited moms as their sons bring home trophies!  My twelve-year-old son Jovanni, is playing with the Orioles in the Katy Pony League this spring, and although they just finished up a great season, they placed well enough to participate in the playoffs!

Tonight was their first playoff game, and it was a tight one!  Not in the score, but in the play by play.  It was too much fun to cheer for our team as they rose from 0-0 up to the fourth inning all the way to 9-1 by the bottom of the sixth!  They took the win, and will play again on Tuesday against the undefeated White Sox.  The Orioles came in second to the White Sox this season, so that will be the game to watch! 

It is so exciting to watch the kids; as their determination rises, their success follows.  The ball cracks as it connects with the bat, and it is thrilling to see the sphere fly through the air, holding our breath as the outfielder goes for the catch!  Will he catch it?  The batter doesn’t know yet, he threw that bat down and took off running towards first base as soon as the ball made contact!

My son, being the rookie on the team, doesn’t connect as often as the rest of his team, but it’s not for the lack of trying!  So today, as he was going up to bat, with a runner on third, I told him, “Hey Jovie, if you were ever gonna get a hit, now would be that time!”  Sure enough, “CRACK!” and off he ran!  He got tagged out at first, but the third base runner made it home, and he gave me that run I asked for!

Can’t wait for Tuesday’s game!  Is your child in baseball this year?  What has your experience been?  I would love to hear it.

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