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One Katy mother shares her experience from growing up in a house full of girls to raising a family of mostly boys

I was raised in a family with three sisters, a composed mother and a soft-spoken father.  Memories of my childhood consist of piano lessons, ballet lessons, creating musical productions with my sisters, and all things beautiful.  I remember collecting flowers, pressing them and making stationary with them.  I cherished family meal time and basked in the warmth of my fellow family members.  Ok, maybe it wasn’t all perfect, but that’s how I like to remember it.

As you can imagine, it was quite a shock when I married a man.  It was a further shock when three of my four children were boys.  Though I had imagined my home would be much like the home I grew up in, it has actually been, oh, I daresay, a little livelier!

With the exuberance and energy of boys continually around me, I have become much more relaxed than I use to be.   I use to want an immaculate house, for instance.  Now I see that little boys and immaculate houses are contradictions in terms!  I have discovered, however, that I have quite an affinity for household items such as carpet cleaner, stain remover, super glue, and drywall filler.  We have spent many hours watching insects, playing with cars, digging in the dirt, and amassing every kind of ball we can find.  Boys are active.  They have boundless energy, thus, we have also taken our share of trips to the emergency room.

But the thing I love most about boys is that they love their mothers.  After a long, tiring day, it is not uncommon for one of my sons to say, “Thank you, Mom for all you do.  You are the best mom ever!  You are so pretty!”  So, even though a life filled with boys can sometimes be loud, crazy, and at times obnoxious, I wouldn’t trade the men in my life for anything!  How have the boys in your life made life beautiful?  Post a comment below.

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