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Weighing the options for your Katy kid

I was homeschooled as a child, from 3rd grade to my High School Graduation, and although there were many great lessons I took away from that experience, I promised myself up until recently that I would never home school my own children.  I had been very lonely as a homeschooler, and quite isolated.  I didn’t want to inflict the same treatment on my own brood.  That’s what I thought, anyway!

A couple of months ago, through a series of events and changes, my husband and I pulled my 6th grade son from public school and I began the grand adventure of homeschooling a Junior High kid.  Wow!  What a job!  Now, two months in, I am just finding my feet as a “home school” mom.  All my grandeur fantasies of field trips to the ocean and science experiments with chemicals and a microscope and…  Well, we haven’t had a field trip yet, not even down to the neighborhood pond!  As for an experiment, we just started picking up the science book!

We have however, accomplished something better than fancy science projects; my son and I are closer than we’ve ever been.  He is less stressed, excited about his future, and learning self-motivation.  He gets to explore further the subjects that he is naturally interested in, and study the Bible and Creation and other Christian teaching that he did not have awareness of in public school.  He is self-paced and even though we just began this new adventure, he is already well into 7th grade material in most of his subjects!  (Obviously science will need some work!)

We also love the flexibility homeschooling allows us – he has much more free time now.  And I love that he helps me with household responsibilities, it makes my busy day smoother, and he’s learning wonderful values like teamwork and work ethic! 

Now, I’m not suggesting by any means that this situation is for every parent/child combo.  It takes commitment, hard work, and a lot of self-discipline to truly homeschool your child.  You would really want to think it over and do some research before making such a serious decision.  What is best for your family overall is obviously the best choice to make.  I know I am blessed by our decision, and my son is excited for his future as a homeschooler in Katy, Texas.

What do you think?  Do you homeschool your child(ren)?  Do you know any other homeschooling parents, and what do they have to say about it?

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