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Finding a Balanced Schedule as Katy Kids Head Back to School

I planned on getting this blog written this morning, before the four boys woke up. But it is already nearing the afternoon, and I’m just sitting down to do it. It’s the beginning of a new school year. Everyone in Katy knows it, too. Parents, of course, are busier now than just a few weeks ago. The commute on Fry, Greenhouse, and I-10 is much heavier than in the summer months. I’m sure the stores are seeing higher customer traffic on the weekends now that high school kids can’t run errands during the week.

In the Browne household, I am trying to implement a morning schedule that will get us out the door on time and with little stress. Ha-ha–it hasn’t happened exactly right, yet, which is why I am just sitting down now!

I know this is a hot topic for parents who need to get children to school and themselves to work each day. It’s a source of frustration and power-plays for me and my four-year-old.

First, he gets up too early. He has the black-out curtains and a noise machine so he sleeps more soundly, but he still wakes up. Then he has to go potty, then he goes back to bed. Then he comes out for a book to look at until the clock numbers tell him he can get up.

Second, the babies are unpredictable. Some days, they are up early and then other days they decide to sleep until I have to wake them up.

Third, I am not on schedule, yet. It makes a huge difference in our making it out the door on time if I am ready for the day before they get up. It also means that if something doesn’t go right–like three surprise dirty diapers–I have to be ready to leave dirty dishes in the sink until I get home. That’s hard.

So, although I have my idea of what a pleasant, easy morning should look like, it has not happened yet. We are working on it, and the carpool teachers at my son’s school are very kind each morning as we maniacally turn into the parking lot. It’s a good end to the morning when we make it before the carpool gates close.

More on mornings as we improve. Do you have any ideas? How do you get your carload out the door with a smile on your face? PLEASE, tell us!

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