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Closing out our first year of dance classes in Katy

Avery in her recital costume and make up

My daughter has been a self-proclaimed dancer since before she was two.  She loves to twirl and twist to music, and is especially fond of mimicking the dancers on So You Think You Can Dance.  When she turned three (at the beginning of this school year), I enrolled her in Creative Dance at Adamson Ballet School. 

This past weekend, a year’s worth of dance classes culminated in a 2 minute performance on stage.  And my daughter could not have been more elated by the whole experience.

Adamson Ballet School has classes ranging from my daughter’s 3 year old Creative Dance class all the way up through Pointe and Senior-Level Ballet classes.  Sitting in the recital as a mother of the youngest dancers there, I felt very emotional and connected to the experience.  In the same performance that my daughter makes her dancing debut, several other moms are saying goodbye to this chapter of their life. 

The opening performance was done by Pointe students to a beautiful orchestra arrangement of Coldplay songs.  It was moving, stirring, and poignant for me to sit there with my 3 year old, watching the beginning and the end.

My daughter’s class was later in the show, and my eyes filled with just as many tears… there was a good deal of comic relief when my daughter (or any number of her classmates) forgot their steps, but there was something that affected me deeply as I watched my tiny little girl, up on the big stage, doing something so grown up without any adults.  It was such a picture to me of what we’re just embarking on – the way that she will continue to grow and mature into a little lady who no longer needs her Mommy.  The years between now and then are many, but they are flying by so quickly already.  This weekend’s recital was a very real reminder to me that I am doing my job: teaching my daughter to slowly and healthfully not need me anymore, day by day, until she is ready to take on the world.

And on that stage, take on the world she did.

Thank you, Adamson Ballet School, for a beautiful, hilarious, and poignant recital.

What about you?  Are end of year activities causing reflection?  Post a comment below!

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