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Beat the Summer heat with this unique trip without leaving the Katy area

My two and half year-old son loves all things motor! He has a large collection of Matchbox and Hot Wheel cars, a few trains, and some airplanes to play with at home. When we go outside, he is always looking up to find planes or helicopters.

My husband and I recently took him to the West Houston Airport (18000 Groschke Rd. 77084). You may not have even known this little gem was right here in Katy! It was a huge hit with all of us.

It’s a real, working airport. When we go, we are treated to planes taking off, landing, and parking. It’s fun for our son to see the different colors and sizes of the planes. Once we saw a dog getting out of the plane, and he thought that was a real hoot!

The airport is open 24 hours. The interior is comfortable and provides information about flight lessons and airplanes for sale. There is an unmanned bookstore which we like to peruse for some used books. Of course, there are toy planes and flight paraphernalia for sale. Children will love it.

We usually walk upstairs to best observe the planes. I have to warn you that there is no elevator. The second floor is about 25 steps up, and this pregnant lady was not up to the challenge! I waited downstairs in a comfy chair while my husband took our budding pilot upstairs.

This would be a fun and air-conditioned stop for you and your family as you’re looking for activities to do these days. You can make it a learning experience even more by researching some types of planes and mapping out flight paths. Younger children can identify colors, shapes, and numbers on the planes. Everyone will enjoy watching them land and take off!

Have you ever been to the West Houston Airport? Where do you like to take your family as the weather heats up? I’d love to hear from you.

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