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From Enjoying Fresh Foods to Being Surrounded by Nature, Katy is Ready for a New Season

We were an excited bunch when the temperatures started rising a little over a week ago, and hit the toasty 70s here in southeast Texas.  We didn’t need a weatherman to tell us that we could go outside and move our winterized bodies, warming ourselves in the fresh air and spring breeze.  In the last few days, we’ve danced at the park, planted our first spring flowers and veggies, and started the grillin’ get-togethers.  The Blancos are a family that lives outside, and this is our favorite time of year.

With the desire to run in the sunshine comes the appetite for all things fresh, and we’ve been whipping up light dinnertime fare.  Sandwiches, fresh fruit, pasta salad, and veggie trays with dip.  Yuuuumm, always a winner with the kids!

We especially love our fruit.  It is how we get our sugar kicks now, and the occasional whipped topping cap makes for an even sweeter treat!  Our favorites are blueberries, pineapple, citrus and strawberries.  This is the kind of sugar God intended us to enjoy, and that we do.  We’re going to try growing blueberry plants this year – it is our first time with those, and we’re hoping for a great crop.

The birds are out, and letting us know.  Sophi, our three-year-old, was feeding chips to a blackbird in the parking lot today.  The minute she said, “Here, birdie!” and threw him a chip, a dozen more “birdies” were instantly there, almost swarming her for the chips!  She was thrilled with their reaction, and began creating competition between those poor birds, throwing one chip at a time to see who would “win” the chip.

The snakes are out, too, so be careful as you dig around and prep your gardens.  I’ve seen two baby vipers now, and because of my ignorant close call last year with the mini-water moccasin that I thought was a garden snake, I’ve been much more watchful!  They are warmed up and ready to hunt, so be aware.

Exercise comes easier in the spring, doesn’t it?  The days are a little longer, and the warmth brings a new desire to move and “have our being.”  What are you doing to exercise more intentionally with your family this spring?  Share your simple, everyday ideas with us, so that we can take advantage of these beautiful days together.

Springtime fruits are just one reason to enjoy the change of seasons.
Katy families look forward to planting spring flowers with warmer temperatures arriving.
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