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One Katy mom discovers the philosopy of motherhood

Some of my greatest learning moments have occurred as I have talked with other women about motherhood and life in general. Often, these conversations happen spontaneously. Sometimes, they occur at times most unexpected. Years ago in a neighborhood park, I learned a lesson on motherhood.

Children really seem to be in their element when they are given the freedom to run and play to their heart’s content. On one particular day, the weather was perfect and we decided to pack a lunch to eat at the neighborhood park that was close to our home. The land on which the park was situated was really quite beautiful with rolling hills and large, majestic trees. A walking trail surrounded the entire park and the flowers and shrubs were abundant in their variety.

My son, Brandon was five years old and my daughter, Melissa was two- definitely fun ages for picnic and park play! I inhaled the smell of lilac and freshly cut grass as we wound our way to the park on the trail. As we moved closer to the park, I found a flat spot of grass that looked like the perfect spot for a picnic. I opened our picnic basket, found the red and white checkered blanket and spread it on the grass. It seemed that most days, p&j sandwiches and fruit was the lunch of choice. Today was no different, but I had also packed chocolate chip cookies and juice boxes. We sat down on the blanket and I began to distribute the food.

After enjoying the last of our picnic lunch, the children were off to play on the play set. I lay back on the blanket and inhaled the clean, fresh air. Relaxing on the blanket, I watched a young mother push her little girl in a stroller along the path. Within a few moments, the mother came over to the blanket while her daughter raced to the play structure.

Leena and I sat and talked of many things that peaceful summer afternoon, but, one topic stands out in particular. As we discussed the many demands of motherhood, I learned an important philosophy.

“Motherhood”, Leena stated, “Is not so much what is easy for me, but rather, what is best for my child. I figure, I will have to temporarily put aside quite a few of my wants while I am doing my best to raise my children.”

Her wisdom and candor have stayed with me and I have used this notion in my decision making as a mother.

Maureen Hawkins:
Before you were conceived I wanted you
Before you were born I loved you
Before you were here an hour I would die for you
This is the miracle of life.

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