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Katy Area Church Prays for Pastor to be a Loser

Last Sunday morning, The Waters Church (www.iamthewaters.com) did something bold.  During announcements, Finance Pastor Andrew Sunderman stood before the congregation and presented an opportunity.

The opportunity is for families within the church to support and pray for Assimilation Pastor Brad Graves as he begins his journey towards health.  For many years, Graves has struggled with maintaining a healthy weight.  On Sunday, Sunderman said, “I love Brad so much, and his struggle tears me up inside.  I want Brad to be here, ministering to us, for many many years to come.  And this is our opportunity to love him and challenge him towards becoming a wholly healthy Brad.”

The Waters Church has issued Brad Graves this challenge: lose as much weight as he can towards his final goal during the next six months and keep it off for a year.  Members of the church are given the opportunity to pledge an amount of money per pound.  This money will go towards funding a very unique and important ministry opportunity that Brad Graves has been given the chance to participate in.

On Father’s Day 2010, Brad Graves’s beginning weight will be announced.  Between now and then, families within the church are asked to pray about their involvement.  On Father’s Day, each family will be given the opportunity to pledge an amount of money per pound towards the ministry opportunity.  One family in the church has already committed to $100 per pound lost, with others weighing in in amounts ranging from $0.50 to $10.00 per pound lost.  

Through the year, The Waters Church will surround Graves with love, encouragement, and support as he travels a challenging but fulfilling road to healthful living.  During the year, Graves will be covered in prayers from the members of his church and will have men who are as close as brothers stand arm in arm with him to recover his health.  Six months from Father’s Day, Graves will weigh in again and the amount that he has lost will be the amount to be donated.  If he has lost 100 pounds, each family will plan their donation per their pledge on that amount of weight. 

On Father’s Day 2011, Graves will stand before his church family and weigh in again.  In order for the donations to be made, Graves will need to have kept off the weight loss from his six month weigh in.  At that time, families will donate according to their ability and their pledges towards this unbelievable ministry opportunity. 

Lead Pastor of The Waters Church, Clint Paschall, told the congregation on Sunday, “We won’t be announcing what the ministry opportunity is just yet.  But when you hear it, you will be amazed at how perfectly matched Brad is for this opportunity.” 

Graves says of this new journey, “The number one reason I want to lose this weight is so that I can be all I can be for my wife.  My number two reason is so that I can be a better dad, and the third reason is so that I can be a great pastor to my church family.  When I try to wrap my brain around this thing, when I think of the way my entire church has stepped up and is supporting me, it absolutely blows my mind.  It is just beyond words.” 

As a member of The Waters Church, I am excited to take this journey with Brad Graves.  Our family is currently praying about how much we will pledge per pound. 

What about you?  What creative ways does your church show love and support?  Post a comment below!

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